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Party High

We had a small get together last night to celebrate Paul’s birthday so I still am on a “party high.” There is good food every where you look. The house is squeaky clean {besides a few party dishes.} There are fresh flowers. Ahh…I love a good party.

I had promised to share my plans for Paul’s party before it happened but I think it is better I share them post-party because I can show pictures.

  1. Sara

    March 22, 2007

    beautiful cake, i love how it is so tall on the stand!

  2. Jamie Meares

    March 22, 2007

    i’m ready for more pictures!!!

  3. MissEm

    March 22, 2007

    This was a super fun party! Thanks so much for inviting us. You are a hostessing powerhouse and all your friends are really nice!

  4. michelle

    March 22, 2007

    Thanks Jordan for the party and the nice company and thanks Paul for getting older.

    I really liked the meatballs, pita with hummus, lemon cupcakes and of course, the tiny creme brulees.

    You should post receipes!

  5. Chelsea

    March 22, 2007

    I love this cake stand and the tall cake. I agree. I love hosting parties as well and am always trying to find an excuse to have one.

  6. Nanie

    March 28, 2007

    lemon cake is my all-time favorite! (Paul’s work mates benefited from the over abundance of party cake.) It tasted even better than it looked. It was so good, I felt like it was my birthday. thanks!

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