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I just saw the Moo cards for the first time in person. They are so great! Basically you can get cards printed from your flickr stream and it is only $19.99 for 100 cards! The layout below is from Priya at Love made Visible. I need to get some photos together to make some calling cards. These are so great.

  1. Sexy Lexi

    March 20, 2007

    I loved these so much the first time around that I just ordered a second batch a few days ago. I can’t wait to start handing them out!

  2. studio wellspring

    March 20, 2007

    YES ~ i can vouch for them too. great deal & good quality. i send them in hand written cards to friends & family who aren’t local & i’ve had the opp to give them out at parties, restaurants & biz meetings too.

  3. Tonia Conger

    March 21, 2007

    So, pardon my ignorance because I’ve worked in corporate america for a long, long time. Are calling cards similar to business cards? I’ve heard a lot about calling cards recently and don’t know exactly what someone would do with such a card.

  4. jordan

    March 21, 2007

    Calling cards are just another name for cards used for social interactions rather than business. They don’t have your occupation on them, just personal info like cell and email. You could use Moo for either. It’s just that I printed some business cards recently so I only need calling cards.

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