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Valentines Day Countdown–Gift 4

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace it would be fun and romantic to make smores in front of it. But if you are like me, in a small one bedroom apartment, you’ll have to settle for this doodad. I love the idea of sitting on the floor of our living room with our own little fire. Buy it here for about $38.

  1. MissEm

    February 8, 2007

    Every time I see this, it makes me laugh. It was a white elephant gift for several years running at a friend’s annual fantastic Christmas party.

    I’m sure you have a camp stove from your outdoorsy days that would do the same trick. Or I can lend you an alcohol stove from one of my chafing dishes 😉

  2. Heather

    February 8, 2007

    We got ours for $5 at DI.

  3. michelle

    February 8, 2007

    A white elephant gift? Found at a thrift store?

    I pay $6 to have smores served this way at Eura Cafe in Nob Hill. I’m totally getting this.

    Mmmm… smores with banana.

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