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Linen Closet

There is a column in Domino magazine about a lady who goes around the world and does all this cool stuff. It is titled “The Adventuress.” Last fall she was at a famous flower school in Paris, this month she went to the Starkey International Institute for Household Management. I love this article. {They scoff at Fantastik in the article, which is Paul’s favorite way to clean anything.} But the the thing I love MOST is the image of their linen closet. If I aspire to nothing else in this world but to have linen closet like this, I will have lived a full life.

  1. Kate F.

    February 6, 2007

    Oooh, my mother-in-law has a linen closet exactly like that, actually. The house was built in the 20s and has the most unbelievable closet (though not walk-in), with things like built in shoe racks and little hidey-holes for things you don’t use often. But that could be a photo of her linen closet; I covet it!

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