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I’m still looking for a full-time job. Does anyone out there know someone who works at Restoration Hardware Corporate? I’ve applied to a few jobs there and its always best to submit things internally. While we are on the subject, if anyone knows of a good job in a creative field or even a not-so-creative-job with a good company in the bay area please email me. {} I’ve been looking the last two weeks and had some good luck but I want to put lots of feelers out. Thanks everyone!

  1. Chelsea

    February 15, 2007

    I have worked in corporate retail for a while now and it seems the best way is often to start out in the store. I know Williams-Sonoma is headquartered in San Francisco. I used to work with some buyers who were former employees, but I have lost touch with them:(

  2. Elizabeth

    February 15, 2007

    Although this is in NYC – I got this email from a LDS email circuit in LA – it sounded very mysterious:

    “I am helping out a friend and previous boss of mine, who is looking
    for someone crafty, likes crafts, thinks about crafts, scrapbooks,
    but also has a mind for business.

    I don’t have a specific job description yet but the title is: VP of
    Licensing for Crafts – so degree in Marketing or Business plus
    experience 3-5 years in retail products, craft retail a plus…
    Management experience a plus, potential product managers reporting
    to VP.

    Position is in NYC, I do not have pay info or if relocation will be
    available BUT if you or you know anyone who might be interested
    please forward this to them and send me resumes at
    emanthon@hotmail. com

    I will be passing along resumes but please note, due to the high
    number of resumes, I cannot guarantee a response. READ: Once I’ve
    passed your resume along, I will not know if or when they will call



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