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Crafting for a Living

I took this crappy cell phone picture yesterday at Anthropologie. The entire tree was made with 2×4’s. Which I think is brilliant. I’m really jealous of people who get to be THAT hands on creative with their job. I remember sometime in December sitting in the breakroom and I could see throught the door of the Art Room there were girls putting glue on paper cones and dipping them in fake snow to make miniature snow trees. I would’ve much rather been doing crafts than helping customers into fitting rooms.

I follow the Free-People blog pretty religiously {owned by the same company as Anthropologie} and they are always showing some craft they are making for the window displays. They are really hard jobs to get. So in the mean time I’ll content myself with my own crafts.

{second picture from the Free People Blog}

  1. Chelsea

    January 10, 2007

    I read somewhere that they use a lot of freelance artists and craftspeople at each store and give them a lot of creative license. I think that is refreshing because most retail chains like this have cookie cutter diplays conceived by a few visual people from corporate that visit all the stores.

  2. Anonymous

    January 10, 2007

    I hope the above is really true. That would be amazing. When I go to anthropologie, half the reason I am them, maybe more than half is to see the displays. I never get to make something on such a large scale, so I just think that part is so great and the ideas they have just for paper is inspiring.

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