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Beauty Secrets

I’m no beauty guru. I have maybe two beauty secrets. You are lucky if you can get me to remember to put on makeup. But here is one of the well guarded secrets. I got this face and body stuff from before I got married. Someone at Neimans mentioned it but they said you could only get it at the MAC Pro store. So I trekked across town to Pac Heights to buy a bottle of this wonder potion. One large bottle is $31 and it has lasted me almost two years. I love it because it covers blemishes really well but it is lightweight so you feel/look like you aren’t wearing much makeup. It still is a little hard to get but just ask any snobby girl at a MAC counter and I’m sure she can put you in the right direction on where to pick some up. {Since I already know my color I can order a new color here.} I’m telling you, this stuff is AWESOME!