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We received Wordplay from Netflix so we watched it on Sunday {as we recovered from the church party.} We liked it a lot. It is a documentary {like the zillions of others} that shows a quirky world of likable contestants gearing up to compete in a national competition. {Seriously, I can think of five other documentaries off the top of my head with the exact same plot.} Anyway, we really liked it but I never do crossword puzzles and the times I’ve tried I wasn’t very good at it. The movie basically showed you all these smart and clever people that religiously do the New York Times crossword puzzle.

I recommend this movie but unless you love crossword puzzles you might feel left out of the smart and cultured club. 🙂

  1. Anonymous

    December 5, 2006

    i loved that movie!

    before we started dating I had made some comment to my (now) husband about how the NY times Sunday crossword puzzle was the “real” challange. In an effort to impress me, he got one and worked on it all week until he had it compleatly finished! He isn’t a native english speaker which made it even cooler. Needless to say I was impressed and he won me over 🙂

  2. rachel

    December 5, 2006

    Paul and I just started watching LOST on Sara’s and your recommendation. Awesome! The opening scene alone made me fall in love. We are half way through the first season.

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