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How to Mow the Lawn

This book is funny. From the Amazon Website:

Fixing a faucet. Carving the Thanksgiving turkey. Impressing the fairer sex. How to behave when a lady faints. Mixing the perfect martini or mowing the perfect lawn. Being a man has become a lost art, but help is on the way. With more than one hundred “lost arts” documented throughout the book, How to Mow the Lawn will never let readers feel as if they don’t know what to do should a manly situation come up.

  1. suburban prep

    December 4, 2006

    A book that is considered a “lost” art.

  2. liz s

    December 4, 2006

    the difficult part isn’t necessarily learning to mow the lawn, but affording a lawn to mow….ahhh suburbia? does it only exist in desperate housewives?

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