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Happy December

Well, it is finally here. I love December. So many things to do!

I have the Church Christmas Party tomorrow night {the table cloths arrived and they look beautiful}. I’ll take some pictures to post for Monday. I am going to be busy today and tomorrow getting it ready.

I have a ton of goals for this month. Besides all the Christmasy ones here are the most notable:
1. Finish Painting Kitchen and finish decorating it.
2. Buy a Letterpress {the one I was going to buy wasn’t quite what I wanted so I am going to find one this month!}
3. Get trip to Thailand in order {January is right around the corner}

{UPDATE ON NOVEMBER GOALS: I only got to 15,320 words on my novel. 🙁 Pepper finished hers! and I got 80% of my Christmas Shopping done. I’ve given myself an extension until Wednesday because of the Church party.}

  1. ashlynn

    December 1, 2006

    wish I could attend the big bash

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