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I don’t know what to do.

If you live in the Bay Area there is always SO much to do. The trick is making sure that you’re aware of all your options. I check out/ subscribe to a ton of different websites to help me keep myself entertained, distracted and enthralled. The first motherload I hit in the Bay Area was Steve’s List. It ain’t pretty, but it has amazingly comprehensive listings of any and all upcoming concert optys. I like flavorpill’s weekly email update (plus they often have free tickets, which I’ve won a few times), though their recent picks haven’t been my favorite. Daily Candy is a fun and quick daily email, although I’ve rarely hit their picks (too pricey). I write for SFist, and I have to say we do a decent job in covering local activities and events. There are daily posts, as well as Krissy’s weekly music picks, which I highly recommend. Weekly free papers like the SF Bay Guardian, The Wave, and the East Bay Express are also usually consulted.

  1. jordan

    November 9, 2006

    This is awesome Emily. I always hate when I hear about rad stuff AFTER the fact. I subscribe to a couple of those….

  2. bex

    November 10, 2006

    hey! sometimes myBART has got good stuff too … (just a plug for my site) Discounts. Free tickets. Free Events. All within walking distance of BART.

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