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I can’t spell…

It’s true, but I’ve never really let it hold me back. I still LOVE scrabble, and I tend to do well in speed scrabble especially (and yes, dear readers, that IS a challenge). I also LOVE to pile my bed high with pillows (true making it in the morning takes a bit longer, but I love the look and feel so). I’m working on a DIY version of these pillows…. can you imagine a huge cozy couch (I’m thinking one of those 3 sided jobs) piled HIGH with these? Oh.. the games we could play! Maybe a bit much.. I may have to restrict myself to my favorite letters e-m-i-l-y (point value of 10 , though you can’t use it in a *real* game). Or maybe the name of an extra special friend for Christmas. Or maybe. What would YOU do?

  1. c jane

    November 7, 2006

    As always, you are fabulous and I love Pronk and Darlybird. And your curry parties of yore.

  2. michelle

    November 7, 2006

    I love these pillows – it’s like those letter magnets everyone used to have on their fridges a while back, only more comfortable and pretty.

  3. bex

    November 7, 2006

    this would make such a fun game room. ha ha!

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