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  1. Erin

    November 27, 2006

    i love this. it’s so cute. thanks! i’m even thinking of doing a bird tree this year, inspired by this little bird.

  2. Anonymous

    November 27, 2006

    Anyone who live in SLC should visit The Garden Shop on 7th East just south of Trolley Square. They have the most beautiful blue bird ornaments and a cute pink hippo actually too! :)Also, don’t miss Mosley the dog, I am in love with the shop owners pet, a portugese water dog. She is so smart!

  3. Anonymous

    November 27, 2006

    I want this bird! How perfectly curly and Christmasy and fun.

  4. Design Mom

    November 28, 2006

    Cute in the picture. Super-cute in person. We love our little birdie! Thank you.

  5. pinkjagxj

    December 18, 2007

    I have this darling little bird in pink! I love it! It was my gift to me last year.

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