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Princess Jordan

Although my tastes run pretty feminine now. That certainly wasn’t always the case. Up until my junior year in college I dressed fairly manly. A normal outfit for me would be : loose boxy clothing and pair of worn out chacos. But even with the casual-hippie attire I still managed to earn the nickname “Princess Jordan”.

When I was about 19 I was eating some Nielsen’s Frozen Custard (located on the St. George Blvd.) with my friend Talia. The conversation we had went about like this:

Talia: Jordan, why don’t you get up and dance on the table?
Jordan: I’m not going to dance on the table.
Talia: I’ll give you my shirt.
Jordan: I don’t even like that shirt.
Talia: I’ll give you my shoes
Jordan: You wear like a size 5. They aren’t going to fit.
Talia: I’ll call you Princess Jordan from now on.
Jordan: Forever?
Talia: Yes, forever.

Then I got up on the table at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard and danced. From then on Talia has called me “PJ”.

The only time it got akward was when Talia got the group of guys I was hanging out with in Jackson to call me “Princess”. I went in for an interview at the climbing store where all these guys worked and they had told the interviewer my name was Princess Jordan. So she kept calling me “Princess” like that was my first name.

  1. michelle

    October 17, 2006

    Sure PJ.

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