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i scream, you scream … we all scream for melamine. aka melmac. what was the dishware of choice in the 70s has gotten a facelift from all sorts of artists today. Who would have thought that plastic could be so stylish?

the downside? you can’t microwave them (as jordan’s sister would attest). But other than that, they are pretty hardy. Great casual (but pretty) dishware that you can eat off, serve Hors D’oeuvre on, or play frisbee with!

some of my current favorites:

Pop Ink:

Working Class Studio:

available at Elsewares.

Lena Corwin:

  1. kylie

    October 12, 2006

    those are seriously awesome. i love the blue and white one so much.

  2. veeda

    October 13, 2006

    melamine works great for kids. I hope someone has made Hello Kitty prints.

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