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Martha and Julia Child

About a year ago I read a ton of books on starting your own business. All of them were interesting and had good ideas. One of these was Martha’s book that she wrote in prison. One thing I found interesting about Martha is when she wanted to learn to cook she went out and bought Julia Child’s cookbook. She then made every single recipe in the book. She felt confident enough at that point that she started a catering business.

I love that she taught herself. All the time I feel like I need to wait or I need more experience before I try something. But it seems like the people who really accomplish things just dive in. They don’t wait around.

  1. Sariah

    October 6, 2006

    First off, I love this blog so so much. Second, have you read “julie and Julia” and/or “My Life in France?” This post reminded me of both. the first is sort of a memoir–the author undertook a similar challenge as Martha. And I LOVED “My Life in France,” Julia Child’s story of falling in love with France and learning to cook French food. Anyway, keep up the fantastic blog!

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