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I saw this milliners site on Decor8. I would love to learn how to do the basics in millinery. Such delicate and beautiful little hair pieces! Two years ago Rebecca and I bought some peacock feathers and other supplies to try to make some. It is WAY harder than you would think it would be. Mine came out weird looking and I never finished it.

  1. Anonymous

    October 19, 2006

    I dont know about the hats, but the chick looks like a friggin carnie. Dude, jordan, i love your style, and screw everyone who doesnt post. one day you’ll be a famous designer and they’ll all wish that they were f’ing dead.


  2. bex

    October 19, 2006

    i think i still have those feathers … it never did look quite as good as the professional thing

  3. Anonymous

    October 19, 2006

    These hats are reminding me of an episode of Sex and the City when Carrie and Burger break up. He makes a comment about the hat she is wearing at dinner one night (the night of the scrunchie). Anyway, they would be cute at the right party. None I am lucky enought to attend.

  4. jordan

    October 19, 2006

    Are you thinking of this hat? I think the jab Burger made was about her purse with all the long dangly things. {Shows my bad tv habits. They played S&TC reruns like 3 times a night the last few years on the local channel. Its like Saved By the Bell, I have seen every episode several times.}

  5. love.boxes

    October 19, 2006

    I am a fan of the Oh Happy Day blog. You have unique style that is fresh and fun. Keep on! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    October 20, 2006

    Maybe you should make the witch hat for my halloween costume!

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