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Guest Blogger: Rebecca Gholdston

I’m so excited for this week’s guest blogger. I asked Rebecca for a blurb about herself but she had a pretty busy weekend so I’m just going to make this up. I only put in this disclaimer because I might be missing something. Rebecca is from somewhere around LA. The first time I met her she was cutting in front of me in line in a movie so I hated her. She thought I was mean and crazy. The next time we met was under much better circumstances and I ended up really liking her. Rebecca lives here in San Francisco in my very same building {with her roommate Betsy}. She currently works for Readymade Magazine and Bart. She is really nice and creative and no matter what new cool thing you’ve just discovered I’ll bet $20 Rebecca has already heard of it {five years ago}. When she isn’t blogging about The New Awesome she can be found driving around SF on one of these. I eventually liked Rebecca so much that I made her a bridesmaid. Anyway, we are all really lucky that she has agreed to be my guest blogger on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Hooray! I’ll be back on Wednesday.

  1. bex

    October 10, 2006

    thanks jordan, that is a better bio than i would have written anyway

  2. Elizabeth Kelly Allen

    October 10, 2006

    Small world – but I look at Jordan’s blog when I am bored in class (she has lots of interesting things to say and is related to my sister) – her guest blogger’s parents are my single ward’s bishop (old single ward, met my husband there and now have gone on to a family ward). Totally weird, eh?

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