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Contest Follow Up

Congratulations to Heather, Katie and Pepper who will all get a surprise package from me! {Be sure and send your addresses to me.} I’ve had so much fun browsing all the cleaning supply sites this morning. Here are the results of the contest this morning including a few extra things that are now on my wish list.

Oval Bucket $54 and Corn Broom $27 {I know you can get the brooms a lot of places but they are so classic I thought I would include a link.}

Italian Mop $33

Metal Dustpan $8 {Black isn’t my favorite but I went to the manufacturer site and thats all they had there too. The good news is there are beautiful metal dustpans in other colors on this site too.}

  1. Katie

    October 24, 2006

    wheee I won something, I just sent my addy off to you

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