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C.O. Bigelow

Everyone wants to find the perfect everyday lipgloss. Call me Goldilocks, but though Mac Lipglass has nice gloss, it is just a little too sticky for every day wear … and Lip Smackers tastes pretty good but doesn’t really have enough shine.

The solution:

C.O. Bigelow lip gloss. Moderate shine, and tastes good too. Just right.
Get it at Bath and Body Works.

  1. c jane

    October 10, 2006

    I testify that C.O. Bigelow lip gloss is the best stuff on this planet!
    Love the tingle.

  2. StacyDesigns

    October 10, 2006

    I second that. I think I have a tube stashed in every jacket I own.

  3. Katie

    October 10, 2006

    They have new flavors now, but I don’t like them nearly as much as this minty goodness!

  4. Steph

    October 10, 2006

    i like it, but it tends to run off my lips. then i have shiny goodness all over my chin. well, not really, but at least its below my lip.

  5. michelle

    October 11, 2006

    They’re on sale too – 3 for $15.

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