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What to Wear UPDATE

Thanks everybody for all your helpful advice (and the offering of your closets.) I forgot to mention one more thing about the Gala Dinner. Normally, I don’t worry if I dress a little bit fun. Like shoes that shout for attention or an interesting bright belt. But since it is Paul’s night I mostly just want to look like a classy trophy wife. (Paul only married me because of my nice ass and I only married him because of all his money. It was his 2001 Civic that tipped me off to his wealth.)

I ran to Anthropologie at lunch yesterday to see what they had to offer. Since I don’t have a ton of time to shop I bought two dresses that might work but I wasn’t in love with how they fit etc. When I got home I messed around with different combinations and I ended up choosing the dress that Tonia suggested from Anthropologie. In the dressing room it made me look frumpy but I bought it anyway to give myself options (it was half off) and figured I could return it anything I didn’t wear. When I got home I tried it on with different things and then tied the belt flatter so I didn’t feel so poofy and BINGO. It looked cute.

I like it because it is an interesting color, but I won’t look like the young girl trying to make a fashion statement. I still don’t know what accessories to wear (I’m thinking feminine gold chains, some simple earrings and my crocodile clutch.)

  1. Lady

    September 7, 2006

    I would wear that dress!

    Thats the colour of my bridesmaid dresses, although they’re a more fitted 50’s style cut, with an organza champagne ribbon round the waist and underskirt that peaks out below the hem.

  2. liz s

    September 7, 2006

    i want to see a pic of you all dolled up in it!

  3. Design Mom

    September 7, 2006

    What liz said.

  4. bex

    September 7, 2006

    i want to see what shoes you pick for this. That is always the part I have the hardest time with.

  5. jordan

    September 7, 2006

    Well definitely a 4 inch open toe shoe. I am thinking a barely-there gold heel…

  6. liz s

    September 7, 2006

    i don’t think i’ve ever picked out an entire outfit before for one event (well except for prom and my wedding). how FUN!

  7. cruststation

    September 7, 2006

    What a beautiful dress, love the colour.

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