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Shopping in NYC

I’ve begun to plan our Thanksgiving trip to New York. We are going to be in the city Monday through Wednesday before we head up to Westchester. This trip I am going to focus primarily on hitting small boutiques and stores.

I plan on spending at least an afternoon in Brooklyn. Design Sponge has a really nice Brooklyn Shopping Guide. I will definitely use that.

If anyone has recommendations for good out-of the-way stores in New York City I’d love to hear them.

  1. michelle

    September 20, 2006

    Ooh. I know the best website for you to look up stuff like this – I’ll share it next week via the guest spot. You’ll love it.

  2. liz

    September 20, 2006

    YES- you will love loom and nest. There are a lot of treasures in park slope/ brooklyn. we loved living there!

    as for eating- you HAVE to hit The Chip Shop and get a fried Mars candy bar (the regular food there is awesome too). It’s on 5ht avenue and 9ths street in Park Slope. F train takes you there easily (maybe N, R too I forget already!?)

    I loved Lemongrass Grill on 7th Avenue for Thai and some would recommens Tuk Tuk in Cobble Hill instead.

    Email me if you want more specific food ideas, THAT I can help you with.

    Other Music in the city is nice if you guys like indie spots.

  3. liz

    September 20, 2006

    But can you really trust a girl who mis-spells so often?

  4. Adriana Velez

    September 21, 2006

    Design Sponge beat me to the Brooklyn Recommendations. We live in Park Slope and especially love Matter. For clothes there’s Bird on 7th Ave between 14th and15th and be sure your husband spends a little time at Diana Kane with birthdays/Christmas/Valentines in mind — it’s on 5th Avenue between Carroll and President.

    Al di la is one of my all-time favorites, and Applewood and Stone Park Cafe also great.

    In Manhattan I love Phoebe Cates’ Blue Tree store on Madison near 92nd — which is close to several art museums.

    I love Bendel’s in midtown (5th Ave around 55th or so, and while you’re there you could see the new Anish Kapour at Rockefeller Center).

    If you go to the galleries in Chelsea check out the Wild Lily Tea Room for lunch. It’s on 22nd Street between 10th & 11th. And Cook Shop on 10th Ave and 23rd (I think) is supposed to be good.

    But back to shopping, which is what you asked for — lot of boutiques in the meatpacking district, around 14th Street past 10th Street — Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, etc. plus Jeffrey.

    Enough from me! Have fun.

  5. liz s

    September 21, 2006

    williamsburg in brooklyn has a great flea market on saturdays i’ve heard about but never been to

  6. michelle

    September 21, 2006

    Check out the latest Conde Nast Traveler magazine or its website – it’s all about New York.

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