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Since I am getting busier and busier at work I thought I would steal my sister’s idea and have a guest blogger. The first guest blogger will be Michelle Aller, my friend here in San Francisco. Tuesday and Thursday of this week Michelle will be blogging in my place. She already told me some of her ideas and I am SO EXCITED!

FYI-Here is a short little blurb about Michelle:

I was born and raised in Orange County where I spent most of my time at rock shows in LA instead of sunbathing on the sand. I love to travel, cook, take photographs, read magazines/books/blogs, visit museums, rock out to good music and watch favorite movies/shows. I also love anything that’s designed well, from building skins to a cute pair of flats. Professionally, I manage the marketing efforts for the San Francisco office of an international architecture firm where my job covers a bit of everything from graphic design to business development. I currently live in SF with my husband of six years, who works as a product designer and goes by the name of Jared.

  1. Heather

    September 25, 2006

    That’s a good idea. If anyone ever read my blog I would invite someone to do that too. I think my big problem is that my blog doesn’t fit under any specific genre.

  2. Design Mom

    September 25, 2006

    My big problem is that I don’t have any pretty matches.

    Can’t wait to read your guest blogger.

  3. liz

    September 25, 2006

    I love the smeared cake- that was my favorite part of my whole wedding! People don’t do that often enough at weddings.

    Maybe we are just more hard core?

  4. cruststation

    September 26, 2006

    Fantastic, looking forward to hearing more from the gust blogger.

  5. michelle

    September 26, 2006

    Thanks Liz!

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