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This post is for Emily. When we chose our stainless steel flatware it was a topic of much debate. Paul only wanted super simple designs. I didn’t want any thing crazy but I wanted it to at least have some personality. I asked my sister what kind she had. And she explained that I should spend the money and get nice stuff because it will last a long time instead of spending $70 on 12 place settings at Target. I headed to Macys to do some research. The nice lady at Macys explained everything about silverware to me. What the different qualities were, how they were made, etc. I checked out the kind my sister got. Yamasaki Old Denmark and I really liked it but it was $100/ a place setting. After I found a few more that I liked I went home to tell Paul what our options were. But before I did that I spent some time trolling around on the internet. I was SO EXCITED when I found all the flatware online for 70% off the price at Macys.(5 pc service for 12 for $340) Paul wasn’t super stoked about the design of Old Denmark but since it was such a deal he gave in. A few months later (it was on back order) we got our flatware. In person Paul loved it and we get compliments on it all the time. He has since said that the flatware is his favorite purchase we have made since we got married.

Maybe you can find a few options you are stoked about at a department store and then look around on the web? We bought ours here but they have a ton of options.

  1. Design Mom

    September 1, 2006

    I’ve used Old Denmark for 11 years and I still love it to pieces. I haven’t seen another pattern I would pick in its place. It’s so nice to hold — weighted just perfectly. Looks excellent with pewter and a million other patterns.

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