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eternal student but no degrees only mad skills

I love taking classes. Every time I take a class I come home gushing about everything I learned (Paul gets sick of me). I spent last evening deciding what classes I’m going to take in the next few months. I have a list a mile long of all the skills I would like to one day have but I’m trying to focus and take advantage of all the great things here in San Francisco.

Tante Marie’s Cooking School is a famous Bay Area cooking school located in North Beach. Their six class courses cost $570. When I first saw the steep price tag I dismissed the idea until my friend broke it down for me. Each class lasts four hours and at the end you are stuffed with the yummiest foods. So if you figure each class costs $95 plus you get a super fancy gourmet meal. It is totally worth it when you consider the Community College offers cooking classes for $70 and it isn’t near the same caliber. {Its also nice because they hire someone to come and do the dishes so you just have to worry about the cooking and the eating.}

City College of San Francisco Continuing Education has a great selection of courses. Everything from flower arranging, cooking , photography, french conversation, and Culinary knife skills. The prices are very reasonable.

The Center for the Book is one of the best places in the whole world. This is where I took all my letterpress classes over the last year. They also have calligraphy and the raddest bookbinding classes. When you take a class here you leave with new skills and a beautiful piece of art.

Friends of Calligraphy offer very affordable courses in calligraphy. Or you can take individual classes from one of their members.

If you want to become certified at Sailing you have to pay $3000+ and go to the OCSC Sailing School. But if you just want to learn to sail then go to the Cal Sailing Club. They offer really affordable sailing lessons. Next Spring Paul and I are signing up for this. {I’m mostly excited for this because I’m going to look really cute in all my JCrew sailing clothes.}

  1. Design Mom

    September 19, 2006

    I vote for calligraphy.

  2. jordan

    September 19, 2006

    I’m trying to get Paul signed up for ice carving. He would be so good at it.

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