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  1. Katie

    August 22, 2006

    Making this would be EASY.

  2. jordan

    August 22, 2006

    How do you get it to attach to the bed though?

  3. Steph

    August 22, 2006

    Katie, thats what I was thinking. My mom did something like this when I was young. I remember helping. Jordan, unfortunately I don’t remember how she attached it to the bed.

  4. Katie

    August 22, 2006

    It really depends on your set-up. I just have one of those cheap getto metal frames. It has slotted holes at the head-end. I would just drill holes through the particle board and put a long blot and nut through the whole thing. Then, cover over the hole with fabric or a ribbon or something.

  5. jordan

    August 22, 2006

    Since I moved to the city I noticed I’m significantly less DIY. There is no time or space to do projects in.

    It seems like sometimes its easier just to pay the money and have a nice quality product delivered to your door. (I never would have said this two years ago.)

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