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This week went so quick. I’ve been busy all morning looking for a press to buy, sorry for the wussy posts. Next week I start working part-time so I can pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m so excited. I’m on the hunt to buy a press and set up a studio. So if anyone knows of a press for sale let me know. (I’m looking for a Vandercook 4.) I wonder if I’m going to work hard on my days off or if I’ll just sit around and watch Oprah…

  1. MissEm

    August 11, 2006

    How exciting! Where are you going to put this big machine?

  2. jordan

    August 11, 2006

    Well it will take a month or two to locate one and have it moved. One plan is to get a bigger studio than the one Paul has now and we can share it.

    Finding a studio is going to be part of the process.

  3. Sara

    August 11, 2006

    Nothing wrong with sitting around watching Oprah…

  4. Katie

    August 11, 2006

    Good luck! I think it’s so great that you are pursuing these other entrepenueral endeavors. I hope it all works out!

  5. michelle

    August 13, 2006

    When you find one and purchase it, you should give it a name.

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