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My sister, Gabby posted about sketchbook/journals the other day and it got me thinking. I thought I would post about the system I currently use.

1) small Kolo album this one I keep in my purse and I usually keep lists of things to do on post-its inside. If a list is semi-important or if I don’t have a post-it handy it gets written on the permanant page. This is the book that I write down ideas when I’m out and about or on the subway. Find them here.

2) large moleskin this one gets mostly business plans. If I’m designing wedding invitations or meeting with a client, all the ideas go down in this one. (Since starting businesses is a pesky habit of mine this one gets full real quick.) Find them here.

3) hand bound journal this one is my favorite. It is an old unimportant book found in a thrift store or the like and the pages are taken out. I hand bound the blank pages and put the old cover on the new pages. When I first learned how to do it I thought I would make millions selling them but in actuality they are VERY time consuming and the materials alone are usually around $40 (forget the hours of labor.) So in the end I decided they are better suited for very special presents. I use this one for a journal or for when I travel or when I get really good ideas. Paul sometimes sketches in this. The whole thing is very special and beautiful. If you want one of these you should take a bookbinding class or get someone who knows how to bind books to teach you.

  1. Anonymous

    July 28, 2006

    I like the old book one. Beautiful!

  2. michelle

    July 28, 2006

    I love the old book one. I’ve never seen anything like it. Too bad it takes so much time and money – you could sell these so easily.

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