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Nine West Confessional

I actually really only get out into the real world to shop maybe 1-2 times a month. Because there is a Nine West by my work I can go there during lunch and try on shoes. I have surprisingly high amount of Nine West shoes in my closet because of this. Without realizing it at some point I became embarrassed that I shopped there. I think it was from some comment a former roommate made {she has really nice shoes}. But I’ve come to the conclusion that Nine West gives me everything I ask of a shoe.

*Usually made of Leather
*Everything goes on sale to $30-$40
*Pretty Comfortable

I realize it might not be from a special boutique and that I’ll probably see people on the subway wearing the same shoe but almost always I can find a special shoe for pretty cheap and I can shop there on my lunch break.

Here are some shoes I like or am considering buying. {ps: I bought the polka dot ones a month ago full price because I liked them so much I couldn’t wait for them to go on sale.} Also, I know the black heels are boring but I need a pair. My others have been reheeled one too many times. Find them all HERE.