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Francis Ford Coppola

Saturday we went up to Geyserville (thats an hour northish of Napa) to Francis Ford Coppola’s new winery. He’s got that big famous one in Napa but he just bought this one. Paul was invited up to paint in a fundraiser where the paintings were auctioned off and given to charity. It was funny because when we left our house we thought we were just going to Napa, it wasn’t until we arrived there that they told us it was at this new one. This mistake caused us to drive the road from Napa to Geyserville. It was the most beautiful drive. I’d seen some vineyards but I hadn’t seen the rolling hills of vineyards like this. It was SO beautiful. We even stopped at the Taylors in St. Helena just for kicks. Here are the pictures of Paul’s painting set-up and of some of the surronding vineyards. {ps: I hope someday I have a lot of red umbrellas just like this.}

  1. liz

    July 31, 2006

    Geyserville- I always wondered where that was! They have tiny earthquakes all the time, did you feel them?

  2. MissEm

    July 31, 2006

    So fun! Did you track down Sophia?

  3. jordan

    July 31, 2006

    No, she wasn’t there–nor were her Marc Jacobs hand me downs.

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