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Last week, I was telling Paul that I feel like I’m trapped in a certain blog world. I’ve been reading the same daily blogs for over a year now. And it’s like music, sometimes you just need something new. So I started browsing through blogger and searching different topics that I’m interested in that someone may have blogged about. Within a few minutes I found the greatest blog! EmilyStyle. She has great taste AND she lives in San Francisco (in my neighborhood even!). Its perfect because when she blogs about a cool store or great restaurant I can actually go check it out. Her archives are addictive, I’ve only gotten through a month or two.

By the way, I got the link of La Redoute from her site and already ordered three sweaters on Friday. Love it.

  1. bex

    July 17, 2006

    beware. La Redoute will now send you twenty catalogs a week.

  2. michelle

    July 17, 2006

    here’s that awesome cupcake/SF blog I told you about:

  3. jared

    July 17, 2006

    another kind of cool way to step out of the routine is to use
    it’s a firefox extension that gives you a random link when you click it, the link is chosen based on keywords you give it, and the quality is monitored by a user rating system.

  4. jordan

    July 17, 2006

    Rad. Thanks Jared.

  5. MissEm

    July 17, 2006

    Thanks for the shout-out! I told Rob last week that I met my blog-twin!

    It’s totally true about the LaRedoute catalogs. Also, their shipping is pretty inconsistent. But despite both those negatives, I am always happy with the final results!

  6. Design Mom

    July 17, 2006

    Oooh. EmilyStyle is so stylin.

  7. steve u.

    July 17, 2006

    Ya, I get so sick of my same 10 blogs (especially my own). That’s why I’m so glad you and Gabby started blogging! I love you two and your sense of style — eventhough you’ve seen my complete lack of style.

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