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Whenever someone needs to find a last-minute dress to attend a wedding I always suggest Ann Taylor. Nothing there is very remarkable but you can usually find a nice dress in a good simple fabric. I already mentioned JCrew’s wedding line, well it looks like they are now following suit. In normal Ann Taylor fashion they are churning out simple average pretty dresses. Worth mentioning but nothing to write home about. The two mother-of-the-bride looking dresses are coming out this fall. {ps: If I were looking for bridesmaid dresses I would go to Anthropologie, if I was on a budget I would go to Forever 21.}

  1. Kara

    July 21, 2006

    So, you don’t think Ann Taylor is very remarkable, huh? Actually, I wish that I could dress in her clothes everyday. Am I too boring?

  2. jordan

    July 21, 2006

    No, its not that they are ugly, otherwise I wouldn’t post about it. More like they don’t stand out. They are classic. If you wear them people will always think you look really nice but they probably won’t freak out and say, “where did you get that skirt? I must have it!!!”

    Not boring…..”classic.”

    p.s. I used to work there five years ago and my whole wardrobe was Ann Taylor.

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