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Rachel Ray Express Lane Meals

So, I’m trying the system in Express Lane Meals to see if it makes our meals better and saves us money. At this point Paul is a skeptic of the latter because we had to fork out SO MUCH money at the grocery store on Saturday. (I had to buy a ton of spices that we didn’t have, and it killed us.)

The concept is basically this: buy all the non-perishables and the medium-perishable foods in one big trip every three weeks. Then, depending on what meals you cook (from her cook book, of course) you only need to pick up a few fresh ingredients every few days. Hence the name Express Lane (like you only need to go through the express lane).

I love to cook but you really have to plan what you are buying if you are trying new recipes. Sometimes I am good and plan a weeks worth of meals and buy all the ingredients but then we usually either get too tired or our plans change and the perishables sit there for a while and end up getting thrown out. (Paul hates wasting food worse than anything.) So even though we gave Safeway triple what we normally spend per week on food, at least none of it will go bad.

  1. Katie

    June 27, 2006

    I have Rachel Ray’s 365 different meals book. So far I’m up to about #25. A lot of her stuff tastes the same…lots of bell peppers.

    I think I like the angle in this book a lot better. Plus, as dorky as this sounds, it makes more sense from a “food storage” perspective.

  2. jordan

    June 27, 2006

    Doesn’t sound dorky to me. We don’t have any room for food storage (but somehow we do have room for 40 cakeplates?) in our tiny apartment.

    The idea that we have three weeks worth of food really appealed to us, living in a catastrophe prone area and all.

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