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Meal #1

Here is the first meal from the Rachel Ray cookbook. We’ve got pepper and cheese spaghetti and spinach with white beans and fresh nutmeg. Really yummy, really quick and I didn’t have to buy a thing at the grocery store.

  1. ashlynn

    June 28, 2006

    So what is the recipe?

  2. jordan

    June 28, 2006

    I figured I’d be posting about these recipes every few days so I wasn’t planning on putting up every recipe(too much typing.) If you REALLY want it I can send it to you, otherwise fork out the ten bucks and buy the book on Amazon. 🙂

  3. Katie

    June 28, 2006

    Nice pans. Are they both the same size?

  4. jordan

    June 28, 2006

    Different sizes. I have the All Clad Stainless Steel set (courtesy my employee discount.)

  5. bex

    June 28, 2006

    the spinch/bean thing was particularly tasty

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