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I couldn’t help but wonder

So ever since the local TV station started playing an hour straight of Sex and the City every night I kind of overdosed. In fact all of Carrie’s puns that I used to find so clever are kind of annoying. “If you are tired of New York you take a nap-a you don’t move to Napa.” That one bugs me the most. Anyway, I still watch it and their clothes are still rad (except Miranda’s most of the time).

I couldn’t help but wonder, Why is Carrie’s apartment so cool?

P.S.: Here is the blog that made me remember I like Carrie’s apartment. And here are the prettiest pictures of SJP’s real house in the Hamptons.

  1. bex

    June 2, 2006

    i always wondered how she could afford such a big nice place in the city and still buy all those super expensive shoes. there were all these episodes about how financially irresponsible she is, and how she lucked out with some rent controlled apartment, but man – who has a walkin closet in new york city?

  2. jordan

    June 2, 2006

    I swear, half of what I like so much about this apartment is the lighting. It all comes back to lighting damn it.

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