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I love it when you call me Beard Papa

Beard Papa’s finally came to San Francisco. Paul and I do our best to drive down Mission street anytime we can to partake. We have a routine: Whoever is driving pulls up to the curb and double parks with their hazards on, Whoever is sitting shotgun runs in and says “Six Please” and hands over $10 and then jumps back in the car. Part of the routine is also to say “I love it when you call me Beard Papa, put your hands in the air if yous (sic) a true player.”

Welcome to San Francisco Beard Papa’s.

  1. ashlynn

    May 26, 2006

    Ever since you told me about these tasty treats I have been craving cream puffs. Unfortunately Papa’s doesn’t ship. Better come visit.

  2. Paul Ferney

    May 26, 2006

    These things are hard to eat while driving. I mean, not that I’d know or anything…

    They are also hard to split in two, and share with others. I saw my coworker try once and it wasn’t pretty.

    But they sure are good 🙂

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