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I heart Paul.

(p.s. the photographer made him put his hand on his hip, that wasn’t voluntary)

Reasons why Paul is great.

1. He parks the car so I can just go inside and not walk very far in heels.
2. He works full-time and paints every spare minute and still finds time to give me lots of attention.
3. He is never mean to anybody.
4. He fixes my ipod and computer when they act funny.
5. He walks over to my work most days to eat lunch with me.

  1. Salem

    May 26, 2006

    I wonder if sometimes photographers try to get you to sit awkwardly just to see if you will do it, to showcase their power. In school I remember having to turn my body to the right, while my head was turned all the way left. It just felt weird but I thought, “this must make for a great picture!” As it turned out, the picture looked as awkward as it felt.

  2. j_red

    May 26, 2006

    salem, you should have been there at my little brother’s weddi… oh wait, you WERE there, but you were in the center of the pic, and not in the ‘sibling fan’ formation/pose that the photog had us strike.

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