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I have a disease

It’s coming up on my one year anniversary of working at Pottery Barn. I got the brilliant idea of working there sometime last year and have been gainfully employed there since July of last year. It is a great set up for me because I work a few times a month and in return I am rewarded with a fabulous employee discount. The problem is it is enabling me build bad consumer habits.

For example: we bought a nice pretty couch last fall. Since then I’ve decided that the look of the couch is all wrong for our apartment. So I am selling our current couch for about what we paid for it and it will soon be replaced by this beauty. I feel confident this one is going to stick for a while.

  1. j_red

    May 25, 2006

    i have that same disease, if the disease you’re talking about looks and acts like lice.

  2. jordan

    May 26, 2006

    It is like lice but its not lice.

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