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This picture from the Martha Stewart website brings out every domestic urge I’ve ever had. The neatly organized cleaning supplies. The colors of the rag and gloves. Oh Heaven!

The feminist movement (or at least the one that tricks you into not wanting to stay at home) was an invention of some sort of evil man. I sit here at my fancy cherry wood desk in my fancy offices doing my fancy job and all I can do is crave cleaning baseboards with pleasant geranium smelling cleaners. Or making topiaries out of lemon trees. Or making fantastic meals with fresh cut spices that are growing in my kitchen windowbox.

When I grow up I want to iron expensive linen sheets and have a pretty greenhouse and spend time shining my copper pans.

  1. bex

    May 19, 2006

    plus, who really wants to burn their bras? especially not the pretty lacey ones.

  2. jordan

    May 19, 2006

    Come over on Saturday and we can make lavender satchels to put in our linen closets.

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