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  1. bets

    May 30, 2006

    1 bedroom and 1 bathroom in utah for 269k seems like not the best deal ever.

  2. j_red

    May 30, 2006

    seems like the only way to afford that in utah would be to join some big multi-level marketing group on the ‘ground-level’ – but if you’re looking for a one-bedroom house that means you probably don’t have any friends/family to recruit, so you probably won’t be successful at your MLM venture – a pretty tricky catch-22.

  3. jordan

    May 30, 2006

    Sorry guys. By “affordable” I guess I meant compared to San Francisco. I won’t ever lead you astray again.

    But I would like to tell you about a special opportunity. A special opportunity that people are talking about. Have you ever dreamed of having your own yacht? A sports car? Well, its as easy as following your dreams.

  4. bex

    May 30, 2006

    is that kind of like seeing the beauty and touching the magic?

  5. Gabby

    June 1, 2006

    Guess how much a penny doubled every day is? 1 million dollars. That’s right. 1 million dollars. And I know so, because it was explained to me during a mlm presentation in the basement of Ben’s parents’ house.

  6. jordan

    June 2, 2006

    A penny doubled every day is a million? I never knew. Think of the possibilities.

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