Aug 4

Favor Cup Paper Flowers

by Kathleen Ballos

Do you know the small paper cups you fill with ketchup at fast food restaurants? That’s what these flowers are made out of! When a friend showed me that if you tug on the sides the cup expands, my mind was blown. Maybe this is common knowledge but I had no idea! Anyhow, with a quick coat of paint and paper centers these favor cup flowers are the perfect way to decorate for your next party. (And check out even more paper flower crafts!)

Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!

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Dec 12

Paper Flower Bouquet DIY

Today I’m so excited to share a special DIY I designed for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. If you’ve ever visited a child in the hospital, you know that bringing in gifts or decorations can be tricky. Many hospitals have restrictions on what is allowed  into the pediatric floor  – no plants, no flowers, no latex, no food or candy, no stuffed animals, no used toys. So, this DIY is a great solution! It’s perfectly safe and will brighten up a hospitalized child’s room. It breaks my heart that this year one million children will spend Christmas in the hospital. So I love that CMN Hospitals is encouraging everyone to donate $5 in honor of these kids. To give, just click here and follow the steps. All donations to CMN Hospitals stay local and each hospital can choose to spend the funds however they need them most. CMN Hospitals raise funds for 170 children’s hospitals in North America. Together, they provide $3.4 billion in charitable care every year.

Paper Flower Bouquet | Oh Happy Day!Paper Flower Bouquet DIY | Oh Happy Day!Paper Flower Bouquet DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Dec 2

Paper Scrap Flowers DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

When I made the Bonbon Advent Wreath last week, I was left with a beautiful pile of pink, red, green and gold scraps. Rather than toss them, I decided put them to good use – and to make some holiday place cards. When dinner is over, grab the flowers, remove the names and throw them in a vase for a long-lasting arrangement. Or send your guests home with a sweet keepsake. Happy Holidays!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
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Mar 24

Paper Flowers Class

I went to a flower making class last night taught by Anandamayi Arnold. She is a paper genius. I loved every second. She only teaches classes a few times a year at Castle in the Air. Last night I made a carnation, a daffodil, and a baby rose.

Apr 9

Party Hats 101

Materials Needed: Exacto knife, Cutting Board, Cardstock, Scotch Tape, Tissue Paper, and Floral Wire.

I looked at a few stores for party hats that were all one color but all I could find were large hats. I think that hats look much cuter on the small side, so I made my own. I bought a pack of small hats and made a template. Here is a pdf template of a party hat to print out if you need one. Just print it out and use it to cut out the shape onto cardstock.

After you cut out the shape put the tab through the slit and tape it down on the inside. You can decorate the hats anyway you want but I will show you two that I made. The first one is the flower hat. Follow the directions here to make the napkin ring-sized pompoms. Then poke a small hole with your exacto knife where you want to put the flower. Tape the wire on the inside of the hat. Attach ribbons and voila! The second type you just measure out a two inch wide strip of tissue paper the length of the bottom of the hat. Double up the tissue and fold it in half. Then cut it 2/3 of the way through to create the fringe. Wrap it around the bottom of the hat with the fringe facing upwards. Scrunch the fringe so it is fluffy. Then take some leftover fringe and wrap it around the floral wire, scrunch it up so it is fluffy. Then put the wire through the hole at the top and tape it on the inside. Add ribbons and there you have it!