Mar 3

St Patrick’s Day Clover Crown

by Kathleen Ballos

Have you ever made a paper flower crown before? This clover crown is almost the same, but even quicker because the clovers are more simple than flowers. You’ve still got time to make one before St Patrick’s Day – maybe you’ll be extra lucky this year!

St Patrick's Day Clover Crown | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 30

Paper Gemstone Crown

by Kitiya Palaskas

Here’s a fun and sparkly accessory that’s perfect for all of those upcoming holiday parties! I made mine out of various shades of gold paper – but it would be fun to experiment with different colors of the rainbow. To start this easy project, use our template┬áto make a bunch of paper gemstones. Then attach them a headband using hot glue. Voila – an easy and fun twist on the traditional party hat!

Paper Gemstone Crown | Oh Happy Day!Paper Gemstone Crown | Oh Happy Day!

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Jun 12

Watercolor Floral Crown DIY

These adorable mini crowns would be the perfect addition to any little girls’ party. They’re really easy to make, and don’t require expert painting skills. In fact, they look better when they’re not perfect, even a little messy. Once you’ve painted a floral pattern, use our template (below) to turn it into a crown. Every little girl at the party will feel like a princess! (PS – Don’t forget about these pretty Watercolor Party Hats!)

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Nov 19

Christmas Crackers DIY

These crackers are traditionally for Christmas but I love making them for dinner parties or birthday parties. When pulled on each side the crackers make a little snap. Inside guests find prizes and treats and a paper crown. You can buy them but they are usually prettier and have better prizes inside if you make them yourself. They make a table look so festive and work great as place cards too. Find the full instructions, sources and photos below.

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