Evel Knievel Costume

This classic costume is great for people who love being a daredevil. You could also add a bike! See all our other Halloween costume ideas here!

Evel Knievel Costume | Oh Happy Day! Evel Knievel Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Such a great DIY.
2. I wish I would’ve thought of this.
3. The perfect snack for Halloween!
4. Everyone needs a Unicorn party.
5. So impressed with the new Playful book!

Watermelon Favors DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Nothing screams summer more than watermelon (well, maybe ice cream does, too). It just so happens that August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Who knew?! This party favor, ready to stuff with treats and goodies, is made out of plain old paper plates from the grocery store. (PS – Watermelon pinatas!)

Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day! Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Happy Friday + Cake!

This week, we’ve been working on a bunch of fun projects around the studio and it drives me crazy not to share everything instantly. (I have no filter!) Here are a couple shots from a pretty cake and one that got smashed onto my face and ended up on the ground! I’m so happy it’s Friday, I’m spending the next two days packing before I leave to France on Sunday! I’m so excited.  Have a great weekend!

Cake! Cake!

photos from my Instagram

Big Sur Roadtrip

A few weeks ago we took a quick weekend road trip down to Big Sur so I could run the Big Sur Marathon (I finished!) The drive is one of my favorites. It isn’t too long (3 hours) and it passes the prettiest part of California’s coastline. I brought the snacks from our NatureBox subscription. I tried NatureBox for the first time a few months ago and really loved their service. They deliver healthy, nutritionist-approve snacks right to your doorstep! You can choose your own snacks from the tons of options they have or let your box be a surprise. For our trip, it was so easy to grab the box for the road and not have to think twice about what I was feeding my kids (no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and colors, etc.) Our box came with 5 different snacks, enough for everyone to have plenty. But you could also get boxes with 10 or 20 bags to fit your family’s needs. Right now, NatureBox is offering a special gift for Oh Happy Day readers! Use the code: HAPPYDAY when you sign up, and you’ll get 50% off your first box of any size. I highly recommend trying them out!

Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Naturebox5Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Nature Box

This post is sponsored by NatureBox: wholesome, delicious snacks delivered to your door. 

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day