Inspiration No. 25

I’ve been feeling very inspired lately. You got to take that feeling when it comes. Here are some of the things that have got me excited.


A. The cutest video ever, and I’m not just biased because they are my nieces and nephews.
B. I love this dotty Marimekko Pillow
C. I want this sweatshirt.
D. This Book is perfect for the modern canner. 
E. This industrial light fixture is gorgeous and on sale!
F. I’m obsessed with this laundry hamper.
G. Miranda July does the coolest stuff.
H. I love the color and shape of this sofa.


Inspiration No. 24

For the past few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming simple updates I can make to my house to keep it feeling fresh. One of my favorite websites to visit for inspiration is Fab. I love that everything feels so modern and colorful, and I can easily get lost in their Furniture, Home, and Art pages. Some of my favorite items right now are below. Which one do you like best?

A. Plastic Color Map B. Barbosa Dining Chair C. Birdcage Lamp D. Vintage Kantha Quilt E. Eames Elephant F. iPhone 4 Alarm Clock Dock G. Striped Hamper

This post is sponsored by Fab: a design-curated shop, which features unique, quality design products.

Inspiration No. 23

I am so happy Spring is here!  I’ve been freshening and updating our little apartment with the weather. Doing things like switching up the sheets from flannel to linen and hanging a few more pieces of art up. Here are a few of my favorite things these days. What is on your wishlist this Spring?

A. California Pillow B. Necklace C. Red and White Plates D. My Favorite Light Fixture E. Gold Side Tables F. Courtney Price Artwork G. Textured Pouf H. Floral iphone Case

This post is sponsored by Target. Welcome to Threshold. A new line for house and home.

Inspiration No. 22

We are having a simple Christmas this year but I still made a big ol’ list for Paul to choose from. Just because it is fun to shop in my head. Here is what is on my wishlist, lots of classic pieces and a few personal luxuries. What do you want for Christmas?

A. Sorry I’m Late Tee B. Classic Pajamas C. Copper Chairs D. Plenty by Ottolenghi E. Fiddle Fig Leaf Trees F. Copper Watering Can G. Mason Pearson Brush H. BKR Water Bottle I. Converse All Stars J. Bando Ostrich Pouf K.Wooden Tooth Brush Holder



Inspiration Edition No. 21

1. One of my favorite prints has such an interesting back story. Buy a huge print for $300! 2. These 2-tone balloons are amazing. 3. Make a tote bag with this free printable. 4. In love with these pom pom boots (on sale!) 5. I really love these journals.