Jan 10

DIY Pink Party Hat Pinata

by Jenny Batt

So, I was just sitting around the other day noticing how many grocery ads came in the mail the other day and I wondered what I could do with it. Why not make a pinata? So I grabbed my winter sale flyers and a few extra party hats and got to work. January will be a little more fun this year.

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Dec 21

DIY Giant Christmas Bells

by Jenny Batt

One of my favorite things to do is to peruse vintage books. I found some danish bell ornaments and thought we could punch it up a bit. Add some metallic hot pink and I think we have something. I don’t think they look much like bells but more of a fun holiday forest.


Nov 14

DIY Clay Letter Garland

by Jenny Batt

I’ve seen a lot of garland in my time, but these clay letters really make a statement. If you have ever made cookies, you can make this garland.

You will need: air dry clay, letter cookie cutters, wax paper or freezer paper, rolling pin, hot glue, cotton twine

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Oct 29

Chalkboard Haunted House DIY

by Jenny Batt

I like simple Halloween decorations, nothing too fancy or scary. Not too much glitter or glitz and no blood. I have wanted a plain haunted house for along time and check my options every year. When I found these plain paper mache houses, I knew I had my winner. Add a little spray paint and voila. The perfect Halloween house.

You will need:

paper mache house
chalkboard spray paint
yellow tissue paper

Gather your supplies. Take your house outside and spray paint the insides of the house and roof. This should be a nice thin and even coat of paint. Let dry. Repeat and let dry. Flip over the roof and spray paint the outside of it with two thin coats like before. Also paint the outside of the house, too.  If it is too cold outside to spray paint, we were pushing it at our house, you can buy regular chalkboard paint to brush on.

Once dry, take the house back inside. Cut 3 sheets of tissue paper to fit the inside of the windowed walls of the house. Tape it inside the house, making sure the tissue lays flat against the windows.  Repeat for all three windowed walls. That’s it.

A spooky house that isn’t too spooky. A brush of black glitter would be fun on the roof.  Add haunted words or a ghost or two with chalk. Add an LED votive to the inside of these and they glow at night, very spooky, and have a Haunted Halloween!


Sep 27

DIY Splatter Paint Favor Boxes

by Jenny Batt

I’m old enough to remember the craze in the 80s first hand, ok, I was a kid, but I think that is where my love for neon originated. I had to incorporate it into some fun favor boxes. Whether for a birthday party or a wedding, customizing little boxes with a dose of hot pink modernizes even the drabbest of favors.

You will need: craft paint, favor boxes, medium to large sized paint brush, a bit of water

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