Aug 15

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Congrats, Joy! Your Target Fall Line is stunning.
2. A brilliant idea for a bachelorette party.
3. So these are perfect.
4. This is rad. I want to build one in the studio.
5. The most beautiful drinks EVER.



Aug 11

Lipstick Inspiration

Pucker up! These lip-inspired items are so good I could just kiss them.

Lipstick Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

A. Bobby Pins | B. Purse | C. Sweater | D. Ice Cream Sign | E. Lipstick Sign | F. Umbrella | G.Place Card Holder | H. Lipstick Holder

Jul 31

My Favorite Things on eBay

I’m happy to announce my partnership with eBay! I realized some of my favorite things I own are things I’ve bought from eBay over the years. So I went around my house and took pictures of some of my most cherished items for the collage below. (click through below for the whole post) I love eBay and use it constantly, for everything from hard-to-find-vintage items to new shoes or electronics. I even bought my little red car off eBay! Here are some of my current favorite collections I’ve scoured  for on eBay based on my favorite purchases! Vintage Cars | Wood Toys | Alarm Clocks

Things I've Bought From eBay! | Oh Happy Day


Cool Cameras | Vintage Typewriters | Vintage Globes


Things I've Bought From eBay! | Oh Happy Day

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Jul 28

Colorful Party Supplies

It’s time to restock my party closet! I’m loving all the brightly colored party supplies I’ve been spotting lately:

Colorful Party Supplies | Oh Happy Day!

1. Cupcake Invitation | 2. Number Candles | 3. Chalkboard Balloons | 4. Glitter Crown | 5. Goblets | 6. Donkey Pinata | 7. Striped Napkin | 8. Popsicle Lights

Jul 22

Clothes to Party In No. 13

Summer means casual parties all the time! Here is my latest favorite getup. I’ve been living in casual skirts and dresses this summer. I found it using Chippmunk! Every time I shop online, I make sure to check their site for coupons so I know I’m getting the best deal – not only for clothes, but for household items too. They have partnerships with nearly every place I shop at. The Chippmunk website is super easy to navigate and makes it easy to compare the discounts at similar stores. It’s perfect for when you have your eye on something and are waiting for it to go on sale. Have you ever tried it?

Clothes to Party In No. 13 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Necklace | 2. Sunglasses | 3. Shirt (on sale now!)  | 4. Purse | 5. iPhone Cover| 6. Skirt | 7. Shoes | 8. Hair Ties

This post is brought to you by Chippmunk: compare deals at the stores you love and see where you save the most! Thanks for supporting our sponsors!