May 23

Tulip Installation

THIS is beyond words. My friend Maybelle sent over these photos of her calligraphy workshop in Australia. She is based here in San Francisco but travels the world giving really amazing workshops.  When I was in Australia last October I got to meet the talented people behind this creation. (Seriously, what is up with all the Australian talent? I am blown away every time.) This class was hosted by Megan Morton, the stylist to the stylists who runs The School. They host all kinds of cool classes there. The florals for this event were done by the talented Phyllip Van Huynh at Katie Marx Flowers. He is a genius! (Interesting story, he was a Doctor here in the US before he quit and became a florist in Australia!) I love that the bulbs and roots were left on, it makes it feel so much more organic. I’m now going to beg these guys to come to some classes here in the US!


Photography by Brooke Holm (photos used with permission)


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