Apr 28

Mini Cactus Piñatas

by Kathleen Ballos

I’ve been loving the cactus trend that seems to be happening lately, especially since I do not have a green thumb whatsoever. It’s almost Cinco de Mayo, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to make these miniature cacti piñatas to celebrate! Since you pull a string instead of smashing these piñatas, you can keep them up as decorations even after the candy has been eaten!

Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!

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Supplies: Newspaper, green tissue paper, confetti and/or candy, masking tape, clear tape, white string, green string, glue stick, glue, toilet paper roll, green crepe paper, scissors

Step 1: Scrunch a piece of newspaper into a ball and use masking tape to attach it to one end of the toilet paper roll – this forms the rounded top of the cactus. Scrunch and twist another piece of newspaper to form the arms; tape around it to help it keep its shape and attach to the side of the tube with more tape. Repeat for the second arm.
Step 2: Cut a 3″ square of tissue paper (just bigger than the end of the toilet paper roll) and cut an X in the center of it.
Step 3: Use clear tape to attach a 6″ piece of green string (or however long you want the pull cord to be) directly onto the X. Make sure the string is attached well – you don’t want someone to pull the cord and the string to come loose.
Step 4: Fill the tube with candy and/or confetti. Use the glue stick to apply glue to the the sides of the tube at the open end and attach the tissue paper square, keeping the pull cord centered.
Step 5: Cut a length of green crepe paper and fold it several times. If using green streamers, cut the folded pile in half lengthwise so that it is about 3/4″ wide and then fringe it. Once fringed, carefully unfold.
Step 6: Apply white glue in vertical lines along the cactus and start attaching the fringed crepe paper, spiralling upward around the cactus.
Step 7: Once the arms get in the way of spiralling around the cactus, cut the crepe paper.
Step 8: Apply more glue stripes between the two arms and apply the crepe paper between the arms, stopping and starting every time you reach the edge of an arm. Do this for both sides.

Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!

Step 9: Once you can wrap the crepe paper around the cactus again, continue gluing upward until you reach the edge of the toilet paper roll.
Step 10: Cut a piece of white string and tape it to the top center of the cactus. Leave as much length on the string as you’ll need to hang the piñata and be sure to attach it well.
Step 11: Apply more glue and continue to attach the crepe paper until completely covered.
Step 12: To cover the arms, apply vertical glue stripes as before and wrap with crepe paper. Start by keeping the very top of the arm glue free – this allows you to gently pull the arm away from the body for easier access without getting gluey while attaching crepe paper.
Step 13: Apply glue to the top of the arm and finish covering with crepe paper. Repeat for the other arm.
Step 14: Voila! Repeat on as many toilet paper rolls as desired.

Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!


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