Apr 30

Maypole DIY

Happy May Day tomorrow! I’ve been wanting to make a Maypole for years and I even tried doing this project last year but we didn’t have time to work out the kinks. This project was so fun to make and I really want to throw an annual May Day party for my friends. White dresses ribbons and flower crown wreaths! This post is part of a series of posts I’ll be doing with Paper Mart. Which is perfect because you need a lot of ribbon for this project. Paper Mart has been my go-to source for years  (see: here, here, and here–I even used them for my wedding!) They have really great affordable ribbon in perfect colors. For this project I used the 1.5″ double face satin. They come in giant 50 yard rolls and they are only $7.50! Check out their selection and prices, they’re amazing. (This is my favorite wired ribbon FYI.)

Maypole DIY | Oh Happy Day!Maypole DIY | Oh Happy Day!Maypole DIY | Oh Happy Day!Paper Mart Ribbon | Best Source for Great Affordable Ribbon

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Materials Needed: Greenery and flowers, Paper Mart 1.5″ Satin Ribbon, Floral Wire, 18″ Wreath Base, 8′ Pole,

Step 1: To secure the Wreath Base to the pole, cut a vertical notch into the top of the pole so the wreath base sits inside. (Sidenote: We taped and spray painted this pole to make it stripey.) Screw the wreath base into the pole and secure in place with floral wire.
Step 2: Take a section of greenery and wire to the wreath base in sections, adding more as you make your way around the wreath. Repeat on the pack side of wreath.
Step 3: Add flowers to wreath and secure with floral wire.
Step 4: Tie on Ribbon (and measure length of desired ribbon strands.)
Step 5. Party!

Maypole DIY | Oh Happy Day!Maypole DIY | Oh Happy Day!Maypole DIY | Oh Happy Day!

This post is Sponsored by Paper Mart one of my long-time trusted sources.

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day /Thanks to Design Mom for letting us shoot in her yard


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