Jan 6

Birthday in a Can

by Kathleen Ballos

I don’t know about you, but I love a good surprise. Repurpose a regular tin can into a mini surprise for your favorite birthday boy or girl. The best part is that you can fill them with whatever you like, ensuring the receiver gets a totally custom birthday treat.

Birthday in a Can | Oh Happy Day!Birthday in a Can | Oh Happy Day!Birthday in a Can | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials: Tin can with pull tab top, clear tape, washi tape, can opener, scissors, hot glue gun, colored paper, markers, small prizes and goodies

Step 1: Pick out a tin can with a pull tab top and remove the paper label. Be sure to pick a can that doesn’t have a rounded edge on the bottom or your can opener won’t work on it.
Step 2: Use the can opener to remove the bottom of the can. Empty out the can and soak if food left an odor behind.
Step 3: Use washi tape to cover the sharp edges both on the inside of the can and on the circle you removed.
Step 4: Cut thin paper strips to make paper chain. The pieces pictured are about 1/4″ x 1 1/2″.
Step 5: Use a dab of hot glue to assemble the paper chains. Each chain is at least the height of the tin can.
Step 6: Hot glue the paper chains to the inside of the top of the can.
Step 7: Fill the can with small candies and treats.
Step 8: Once the can is filled, place the bottom back on and use clear tape to secure it in place.
Step 9: Cut a rectangle of colored paper to cover the side of the can.
Step 10: Decorate the paper with a birthday message.
Step 11: Hot glue the label onto the can.

Birthday in a Can | Oh Happy Day!Birthday in a Can | Oh Happy Day!


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